Ophthalmoscope – Medical Device For Eye Examination

Eye doctors use Ophthalmoscopes as eye examining instruments to detect any health issues in eyes and diagnosis purposes. Suppliers offer various types of Ophthalmoscopes with different lens capacities. Ophthalmoscope has a light source on it with additional lens features that magnify the image of the inner structures of a patient’s

ISO 45001 Audit Checklist

Audit checklist is a helpful document for auditors to keep the audit on track and ensure that all important aspects of audit are well checked. Most of the auditors use an audit checklist, the ISO 45001 audit checklist is a guide for auditors to assess the organization on the basis

Recreational Drugs

Need medical treatment for recovery

  Recreational drugs are usually used for reasons other than the medical such as pleasure, fun, stimulation, hobby and temporary happiness or relief of sadness. The use of recreational drugs has become a big problem, especially amongst the teenage population. These can not only lead to addiction, but also to

What is the benefit of ISO 45001 to any organization?


ISO 45001 benefits are countless, it is a management system standard that helps companies to improve their occupational health and safety performance through the fundamental concept of PDCA cycle. The organizations make their workplaces safe and continually monitor their performance and make improvements accordingly. The direct and indirect cost of

ISO 45001 Awareness Course

With the release of ISO 45001 standard, many safety and industrial professionals want to learn the standard requirements. The awareness course on ISO 45001 is meant to provide professionals with necessary understanding to support an occupational health and safety management system. By doing the ISO 45001 awareness course, professionals can