Otoscope – Medical Device for Ear Examination

Ear Illness diagnosis instrument

Otoscope definition An otoscope is a medical device which is utilized to examine medical conditions of ears. Health care suppliers employ otoscopes to diagnose illness during routine medical examination and also to identify ear symptoms. An otoscope likely offers an insight vision of the ear canal and eardrum which is also known as tympanic membrane.Read More

Laryngoscope – Examination of Larynx and Endotracheal Intubation

Laryngoscope Accessories

ENT doctors employ a small device laryngoscope to examine voice box or larynx and throat to diagnose diseases. The device is also used for endotracheal intubation which helps the patient breathe during an emergency or surgical procedure. This procedure is named as laryngoscopy. Doctors can do this to find out why the patient is suffering fromRead More

Yankauer Suction Tip with Tube Instrument

To be reused after sterilization

The Yankauer suction tip is an oral suctioning instrument utilized in different procedures. It is usually a firm plastic suction tip or a stainless steel type with a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head and is designed to allow effective suction without damaging surrounding tissue. This instrument is utilized to suck oropharyngeal secretions soRead More

Foerster Sponge Forceps

Foerster sponge forceps are imperative for gynecologic surgery. Sponge forceps look like oval tips and have serrations, the Foerster is utilized to grip sponges throughout the surgical procedure. The term Foerster is a symbolic term in German for commitment to quality and precision. The ratchet handle empowers the surgeon to grip the sponges strongly. FoersterRead More

Iris Scissor – Curved and Straight

Overview of Iris Scissor/ Description: Iris scissor is an instrument originally designed for ophthalmic procedures intended for treating the delicate and soft ophthalmic tissues. As originally this instrument is for ophthalmic surgeries and other procedures, but now the advancements have made this iris scissor a multi-purpose tool for the field of medicine. In the sameRead More

Dental Excavator

What are Dental Excavators? These are defined as an instrument utilized in the removal of damaged tissue from a wound of pulp chambers (cavities) and channels of the teeth. The instrument schema is depicted as device like a big, piercing scoop, utilized in excavating out tissues related to pathology. Dental excavators are used in dentistry,Read More