What is the benefit of ISO 45001 to any organization?


ISO 45001 benefits are countless, it is a management system standard that helps companies to improve their occupational health and safety performance through the fundamental concept of PDCA cycle. The organizations make their workplaces safe and continually monitor their performance and make improvements accordingly. The direct and indirect cost of an occupational accident is farRead More

What is the release date of ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety management system is released and published by ISO on March 12, 2018. This is the first international standard on occupational health and safety management system. This is the first edition of the ISO 45001. Prior to the publication of ISO 45001, FDIS version was released for balloting.Read More

What is FDIS version of ISO 45001?


The term FDIS stands for “final draft international standard”. Therefore FDIS version is final draft of ISO 45001 standard i.e. occupational health and safety management system. It was issued for voting on 11th November 2017 and the voting continues till 25th January 2018. After the agreement on FDIS version, ISO finally publishes the standard inRead More