Bone Drill

What is Bone Drill? An instrument utilized in penetrating, restraining and curative orthopedic & dental measures. These bone drills may also be used for drilling screws into the bone throughout orthopedic operations.   Suppliers: GPC Medical, Medline Industries are some of the suppliers of bone drills in the global surgical instrumentation market.   FDA Rulings:Read More

Angiography Catheter

A disinfected, opaque to radiation, multi-objective instrument for numerous kinds of cardiac angiographic investigations. It may have an un-closed extremities with dual sideports on the distal end and is capable to acknowledge a forty-five thousandths (45/1000) inch steering wire. Catheter angiography utilizes a catheter, x-ray screening steer-er and an infusion of variant stuff to reviewRead More

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit is a sterilized, single-use instrument manufactured for utilization with a gas anesthesia machine. It includes pipes, one unidirectional Y, one bended L with gas representative collection, and three liters re-breathing container which looks like a bag. Breathing circuits are designed for the wide audience of patients who need anesthesia from new born,Read More

Adhesive Bandage

A squeezed of absorbent gauze or any other relevant material, attached to a thin flexible strip or fabric, covered with a layer of a pressurized and delicate adhesive material. The squeezed material may comprise of a relevant  antimicrobial initiator. The adhesive face is secured by a relevant easily separable layer. The adhesive film of adhesiveRead More

Absorbent Gauze

A cotton in the schema of simple woven fabric, relevant to well known medicinal standards & regulatory bodies. It is usually available in fold or roll type. A soft, open-meshed cloth of muslin or related fabric utilized in dressings, bandages, and medical sponges. Absorbent gauze is a specialized cotton fabric of numerous thread meshes andRead More

Abdominal Pad

An item utilized as a dressing to absorb drainage during surgical operations and medical treatment of patients. It is normally of a particular size, but may be available in market in roll form, from which specific pads are cut.   Normally abdominal pads are super absorbent pads which feature a soft non-woven exterior layer thatRead More