Kocher’s Forceps

What is Kocher’s Forceps? The Kocher’s Forceps is named after Emil Theodor Kocher, a Swiss surgeon who was awarded Nobel Prize in 1909. The forceps is designed the same way as Spencer Wells Artery Forceps, however the blades are a bit longer than Spencer’s Forceps and it has a tooth at the terminal end of one blade and groove in the other. The blades have transverse serrations. The ratchet mechanism locks the instrument securing the structure picked up by the forceps. The forceps may be straight or curved.

What is its function? The Kocher’s is a hemostatic forcep. It is specifically designed to catch the bleeder that are deep within tissue hence it is ideally used on tough structures like palms, soles or scalp. The forceps catches the structure that is bleeding and crushes the bleeder that results in clogging. The tooth gripped the structure firmly, so that the tissue does not slip.



 The basic concept of artery forceps or hemostatic forceps is to secure the bleeding vessels so that the surgical field remains dry and clear, additionally patient does not bleed excessively.



Surgical Procedure: The forceps are used during subtotal or hemi-thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid tissue) for holding the margins of thyroid so that the remaining tissue may not bleed when excision takes place. As mentioned earlier it is designed to hold tough structures, it is used to hold the meniscus(a fibrocartilaginous structure cushioning knee joint) during menisectomy(ectomy=removal). The forcep is used to crush the stump of the appendix as well. It may be picked up by the surgeon to hold ribs during rib resection. It is also used to hold large pedicles of kidney or spleen. Moreover it is used to catch the vessels (perforators) during conventional breast surgery (radical mastoidectomy).During hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) the forceps are used to hold uterine artery. It is even used in the labor room for rupturing the membrane artificially during vaginal delivery.

Available Sizes and Age Group: Kocher’s Forceps can be shipped from online stores. Straight Blade-click here Curved Blade-click here. The forceps are applied on all age groups. For pediatric age group 5 ½ inches (140mm) length is preferable. The forceps may be available in size 6 inch (152mm).Straight and curved blade are available in both the sizes.

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