Debakey Non-traumatic Forceps

What is Debakey Forceps? Michael E. Debakey was an American Cardiologist who designed this forceps having non traumatic jaws for vascular tissue handling. The forceps has long blunt tip jaws with two rows of fine longitudinal serrations and a groove in between for better gripping. The blunt jaws and fine serration together make this forceps capable of gripping vessels firmly with no damage.

What is its function? The forceps has been primarily designed for gripping vessels during cardiothoracic surgeries while adding sutures. Ideally the vessels are captured by its adventia so that endothelium is not damaged. As the forceps have been non-traumatic now they are widely used for gripping soft tissues elsewhere as well.

What is it made up of? These forceps are made up of (type 420 modified) stainless steel, according to ASTM standard. It has higher carbon content which gives it a better corrosive resistant property and increased hardness. The tip may be furnished with tungsten carbide.


Surgical Procedures: The forceps has been used widely during many surgical procedures, especially during cardiothoracic surgeries like carotid endarterectomy (removing the inner lining of the vessel to get rid of vessel deposition), etc. During urethral surgeries the forceps has been used to hold urothelium while suturing since the tissue is delicate and bleeds easily. In orthopedic surgeries the forceps are handy to hold neurovascular structures during dissection.

Age Group and Available Sizes: The forceps can be used on all age group, since it is available with variable tip sizes and lengths. The tip sizes ranges from 1.0 mm to 3.5 mm. Log on to Amazon for shipping the article online. The available lengths are 6 inches (127mm), 7.75 inches (197mm) and 9.5 inches (241mm).


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