Bone Drill

What is Bone Drill? An instrument utilized in penetrating, restraining and curative orthopedic & dental measures. These bone drills may also be used for drilling screws into the bone throughout orthopedic operations.


Suppliers: GPC Medical, Medline Industries are some of the suppliers of bone drills in the global surgical instrumentation market.


FDA Rulings: FDA Section number 872.4120 defines the requirement of Bone cutting instrument and accessories. Bone drills is also included in this part


Components of Bone Drills: A bone drilling equipment is an instrument designed for utilization in oral repairing surgery to practice or shear an incision into any of the two jaws and may be utilized to maintain a bone ready to get inserted with a cord, pin, or fastening piece. The instrument comprises of the bone physical drill and cord power, electronically motorized bone drill, rotating bone shearing incision work unit, and Alternating power-driven bone saw.


bone-drillInternational Standard: ISO 9714 titles as “Orthopaedic drilling instruments” defines the requirement of Countersink cutters, Drill bits, and taps. This section of ISO 9714 postulates constituents and mechanical characteristics, measurement and labeling needs for drill countersink cutterism, drill bits, and drill taps. These are mandated to be produced from stainless steel for utilization in orthopedic surgery. ISO 5835 details the specifications for bone fastens.

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