Amniocentesis Needle

Amniocentesis Needle is designed for utilization in pass through abdominal aperture of the uterus to allow removal of the small amount amniotic fluid throughout obstetric and gynecological processes. Amniocentesis procedures drains a little amount of fluid from the hollow flexible structure around the baby in the developing place of the uterus. It is easily  performedRead More

Airway Exchange Catheter

An instrument utilized for substitution of endotracheal tubes where the interior diameter is three to five millimeters or greater. This instrument is for application with particular adapter and specified size or luer lock joints. It may have side ports situated away from center for extra airflow and centimeter grading to ease accurate embedding of reducedRead More


A specialized medical instrument utilized in surgical procedures relevant to the excision of the adenoids. This instrument can have blades to cut out. The instrument comes with different adjoining features and with different sizes according to specific applications. Courtesy: Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphi This instrument is so designed that whenRead More

Adjustable Bed in Hospitals

An adjustable bed is a bed which possess an elastic spring of two or more units which may be separately elevated or move in downward direction to a situation where the patient is in a reasonable state for medical motive or in a surgical endeavor. Adjustable beds have been utilized in hospitals from too longRead More

Adhesive Bandage

A squeezed of absorbent gauze or any other relevant material, attached to a thin flexible strip or fabric, covered with a layer of a pressurized and delicate adhesive material. The squeezed material may comprise of a relevant  antimicrobial initiator. The adhesive face is secured by a relevant easily separable layer. The adhesive film of adhesiveRead More

Absorbent Gauze

A cotton in the schema of simple woven fabric, relevant to well known medicinal standards & regulatory bodies. It is usually available in fold or roll type. A soft, open-meshed cloth of muslin or related fabric utilized in dressings, bandages, and medical sponges. Absorbent gauze is a specialized cotton fabric of numerous thread meshes andRead More