Debakey Abdominal Aorta Clamp


What is Debakey Abdominal Aorta Clamp? This clamp has been named after the renowned American cardiologist Micheal E.Debakey.It is a flexible instrument having spoon shaped flat jaws which makes sure non-traumatic clamping during surgical procedures. What is its function? As the name suggest it is used in clamping (occluding) larger vessels especially abdominal aorta duringRead More

Bailey Rib Approximator


What is Bailey Rib Approximator?  Also known as bailey rib contractor is a ratcheted bar with two inward facing, rounded claws having sharp teeth. The ratchet bar ensures unidirectional motion i.e. opposes unwanted motion in opposite direction. Surgical procedure: Bailey rib approximator is used in thoracotomy procedures. Thoracotomy (thoraco: thorax, otomy: to open) is basicallyRead More