Zanger Abdominal Aorta Clamp

What is Zanger Abdominal Aorta Clamp? It is designed the same way as debakey abdominal aorta clamp i.e. spoon shaped tip with flat jaws having serrations but with the addition of curved shanks. Shank is basically the part of the instrument which connects shaft to the nib or blade.

What is its function? It is used to clamp major vessels partially or completely so as to make sure less bleeding. Abdominal aorta is the most common site where it is used.

Its curved shank ensures easy approach from all the direction.


Surgical Procedure: It is used in cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery. Moreover it comes in handy in almost all the surgeries where clamping of vessel is required in case of iatrogenic injuries (iatrogenic injuries are inflicted by the surgeon due to human error).


Available Sizes and Age Groups: It is used to clamp vessels in male and female adults. There are three sizes available as far as acutely angled curve shank is concern, 9 inches(229mm), 9 ½ inches(241mm) 12 ¼ inches(311mm). While two sizes are available with shank angled 90 degree 9 ½ inches (241mm) and 12 ¼ inches (311mm). All variety of zanger abdominal aorta clamps has debakey teeth.

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  1. Dr. Manuel Tayao

    Oct 05. 2017

    Cost of two (2) Zanger abdominal aortic clamps, 9 inches

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  2. Dr. Manuel Tayao

    Oct 25. 2017

    Only need one Zanger Abdominal aortic clamp.

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