Hurd Dissector And Pillar Retractor

What is Hurd Dissector and Pillar Retractor? It is also identified as a mere Herd Elevator or Pillar Retractor with Dissector. The retractor has been designed by merging the concept of two instruments; the hurd retractor and freer elevator. One end is semi lunar in shape while the second end resembles the shape of spatula.

What is its function? The semi lunar end of the retractor is used to apply traction on anterior pillar. The curvature has been so designed that it corresponds to the curvature of the pillar (The Pillars are basically the arches in the mouth, one is anterior and the second is located posterior, they are made up of smooth muscles).The dissector end is used to expose the capsule of the tonsils by removing mucosa, moreover it can be used to dissect the superior pole of the tonsil so as to make it free from its bed.


Surgical Procedure: The instrument has been designed specifically for tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils). The retractor is in addition useful for examination postoperatively, for the inspection of anterior pillar to look for the bleeders.

Available Sizes and Age Group: It can be successfully used on 3 years old and above. The entire length of the instrument is 8 ½ inch (215mm) with 7mm dissector and 11mm retractor.

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