Doyen’s Intestinal Clamp

What is Doyen’s Intestinal Clamp? The clamp is usually labeled as Intestinal Occlusion Clamp. The clamp is made up of straight or curved jaws. The jaws contain fine serrations which are longitudinal. The jaws are flexible because they are partly made up of plastic. The instrument has a ratchet(unidirectional) locking mechanism to provide stable pressure for clamping. The instrument was first designed in its basic form in 1887.  The flexible jaws and the concavity are really very helpful in preventing tissue damage and necrosis.

What is its function? The Doyen’s Intestinal Clamp is used to occlude the lumen of the intestine and the blood vessels as they are specially designed to handle delicate structures.  The instrument has slightly concave jaws; therefore both the ends meet only at the extreme when locked. Hence the lumen of intestine or vessels lies in the center of concavity ensuring sustained pressure which is just enough to occlude the lumen but not to damage it.


Surgical Procedures: The instrument is used to occlude the lumen of both the intestine and the blood vessels temporarily during the resection anastomosis of the intestine (removing the diseased part of the gut and rejoining the viable ends). The foremost function of the clamp is to avoid spillage of the gut content. Moreover the clamping of the vessels make sure dry field for the surgery and less bleeding. The instrument is also acknowledged as a ‘non-crushing intestinal clamp’ since it is light, additionally the gap in the concavity of the jaws when the instrument is closed, as mentioned above, prevents tissue damage. During the resection anastomosis the instrument occlude the part of the intestine that is needed to be conserved.

Available Sizes And Age Group: The clamp is available in different sizes to be used in children and adult. The adult size is 9 inches (229mm) with curved or straight jaws [jaw length of 3 ¾ inches (95mm)], having 2*3 serration. The pediatric length for the clamp is 6 ¾ inches (171mm) and the jaws are curved.

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