Cervical Pillow

What is Cervical Pillow? It is defined as a health care product manufactured to stabilize the patient’s neck to prevent it moving unnecessarily & to maintain specific positioning after therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical measures. As the name suggests it is a pillow which is curved but for the preservation of neck position after surgical procedures.

Selection of Neck Pillows: These Neck Pillows for pain relaxation can be problematic to catch. This is for the reason that pillows are exceedingly personal product and their coziness is so reliant on personal physique, shape and body dimensions. While one specific pillow might be soothing for one person and totally eradicate their neck and vertebral aching, it could create the other individual’s pain poorer.

Therefore the selection of a particular pillow should be recommended from the doctor or the ergonomic consultant because they recommend on the basis of your need. Or you need consult with surgical cervical pillows provider for your particular need. Physiotherapist can help in this endeavor to select a right cervical pillow for your specific need.

What Is The Purpose Of Cervical Collar? It is also recognized as a neck brace, and is a therapeutic maneuvering utilized to assist an individual’s neck. It is additionally utilized by emergency folks for those who have had distressing skull or neckline health damages, and can be utilized to handle prolonged medical issues.


Adjustable Cervical Pillow: US Patent number US 5781947 A entitled as “Adjustable cervical pillow with depressions for a user’s ears” exhibits a design of adjustable pillow with advanced mechanisms for comforting head and neck of a patient. These Pillows have a robust body possessing an adjustable altitude head relaxation, a robust pillow figure having a strong higher part with a number of depressions on a uppermost surface of the higher part for relieving the individual’s ears, an uppermost façade with a planar part with a descending angled planar descending, and a robust lower part with a lowest surface.

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