Amniocentesis Needle

Amniocentesis Needle is designed for utilization in pass through abdominal aperture of the uterus to allow removal of the small amount amniotic fluid throughout obstetric and gynecological ... Continue Reading →

Babcock’s Tissue Holding Forceps

What is Babcock’s Forceps? W. Wayne Babcock, MD (1872 – 1963) is an American Surgeon who invented this popular Tissue Holding Forceps. The forceps has a ratchet mechanism, ... Continue Reading →

Allis Forceps

What is Allis’s Forceps? This tissue holding forceps is named after Oscar Huntington Allis, an American surgeon (1836-1921) who is remembered for his contributions in orthopedic surgery. ... Continue Reading →

Kocher’s Forceps

What is Kocher’s Forceps? The Kocher’s Forceps is named after Emil Theodor Kocher, a Swiss surgeon who was awarded Nobel Prize in 1909. The forceps is designed the same way as Spencer ... Continue Reading →

Hegar Uterine Dilator

What is Hegar Uterine Dilator? It is a round curved instrument either single-ended or double-ended especially designed for uterine (uterus=female reproductive organ) assessment. It ... Continue Reading →