Bone Reduction Forceps

What is Bone Reduction Forceps? An instrument manufactured to minimize a rupture by correctly re-positioning the damaged part. These are usually applied in relocated fractures of the bone as the name also suggests i.e. to reduce the fracture by forceps that can relocate the affected bones.


J-Shaped Bone Reduction Forceps: The type of bone reduction forceps with a X-ray transparent J-formation soft tissue annexure is designed for lessening of distant circle fractures in compliance with a volar method.


Design Types of Bone Reduction Forceps: There are various types and designs available in the market for bone reduction forceps. The selection of the type and design is based on the application & criticality of the subject.

One design comes with a one jaw tip stepped so to get an advanced hold of the bone.  These are usually curved and are available in the market in two different sizes i.e. overall lengths of 130-135 mm and 170-175 mm.

The second type comes with curved pointed tips and with a long ratchet for the rings to slide on one another. This type is available in the market in the size of 145-130 mm of overall length.

The  third type comes with pointed tips with serration on the jaws and the available overall length of about 130 mm and 140 mm.


Suppliers: Some of the suppliers for this bone reduction forceps are Carefusion, Medline Industries, Teleflex and Symmetry Surgical in the world’s market.

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