Biopsy Needle – Collect Sample & Diagnose

Definition of Biopsy Needle: A needle based instrument utilized on the alive subject to collect soft tissue, or body liquids for medical analysis or simply as diagnosis of any disease.

History of Biopsy Needle: Initial medical & analytic biopsies’ needles could be tracked back to an Arab Muslim Surgeon Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi. The subject historical needle was utilized to rupture a neck swelling that was resulted by the enlargement of glands of thyroid.

Process of Biopsy: It is a medicinal examination usually carried by a surgery practitioner, specialist of radiology, or specialist of cardiology that includes collection of sample tissues or cells for investigation to identify the occurrence or amount of a illness. The sample is normally inspected beneath a microscope by an expert of pathology, and can also be evaluated on chemical grounds.

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Suppliers: Medline, Medax, Carefusion and Argon Medical are some of the suppliers of Biopsy needles. But for each type of specific use one must select the design and supplier accordingly.

FDA Section 21 CFR 876.1075: It is titled as Gastroenterology-Urology Biopsy Instruments, it involves instruments that are utilized to confiscate, by shearing or aspiration, a sample of matter from body for microscopic inspection.  This general kind of instrument involves the punches for biopsy, stomach related machine-driven biopsy devices, drawing biopsy devices, gastro-urological biopsy needle and non-powered biopsy clamps.


JIS 3228 Standard: This Japanese international Standard stipulates & explicates the biopsy needles for one time operation to collect a biopsy sample for diagnosis. Of-course this standard is widely followed in Japan and also in other countries.

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