Bailey Rib Approximator

What is Bailey Rib Approximator?  Also known as bailey rib contractor is a ratcheted bar with two inward facing, rounded claws having sharp teeth. The ratchet bar ensures unidirectional motion i.e. opposes unwanted motion in opposite direction.

Surgical procedure: Bailey rib approximator is used in thoracotomy procedures. Thoracotomy (thoraco: thorax, otomy: to open) is basically an advance surgical procedure in which chest is open up by giving incision into pleural space.

What is its function? It is used to hold the ribs apart so as to suture the thoracotomy wound.

What are the types? The conventional one is simply known as bailey rib approximator while bailey-gibbon rib approximator having extended 3 prong blades with either sharp or blunt teeth is an improved version. The prong blades ensure better gripping in contrast to bailey rib approximator.

Available sizes and Age Groups: There are various sizes & different forging origins in which these instruments are available.

DDP Instruments are the distributor of this instrument in 16 cm length  and it can be purchased online. Shipping details and warranty instructions can be directly retrieved from the store.


Bailey rib approximators are also available in these size from various other suppliers; 5 ¾ inches or 146 mm (pediatric) 6 ¾ inches or 171 mm (adult) while bailey- gibbon rib approximator is available in these sizes; 6 ¾ inches or 171mm(sharp teeth) and 7 1/8  inches or 181 mm(blunt teeth). Conventional one is available for all age groups while bailey- gibbon is used in adults only.

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