Back Support Brace or Belts

Back Support Braces are orthopedic stuffs utilized to minimize the likelihood of back stress resulted from health & fitness gym or raising/re-positioning of weighty/massive objects. These are generally categorized into different kinds based on the application & use.

As the name suggests Back support belts are manufactured to reinforce and enhance back posture, therefore minimizing  and controlling lower back stress resulted from the state of sciatica, a slided disc, osteoarthritis, Tandem Spinal Stenosis and irreversible deterioration disc illness. These behaviors are at times exhibited or aggravated by feeble or delicate core muscles or extra utilization of the back muscles which manipulates them to undergo straining.

Courtesy: Care Resource – Home IV and HHA

Back Support Brace are categorized into following different categories according to its support function:

  • Lower Back Support Brace
  • Upper Back Support Brace
  • Back support brace for lifting
  • Back support brace for obese
  • Posture corrective brace
  • Orthopedic Hernia Support

These Back Support Braces came in different sizes and measurements. Some of the well known suppliers in the global market for back support braces are Mueller Braces, Ergodyne, Bracoo and ComfyMed. There are online marketplaces to purchase these braces. Some of the markets are Amazon, Walmart and Ebay etc.


If you want to purchase a back support brace you should identify which size, and type is relevant for your specific use. You should ask the supplier whether the brace can suffice your needs or not.

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