Anti Embolism Stockings

Anti-Embolism Stockings are circular knitted fabric foot wears which are near-fitting flex wrappers for medical treatment of the feet & legs. They are manufactured to enhance the rectilinear speed of blood movement in the veins by exterior contraction of the feet.

They aid avert thromo-embolism by the utilization of progressed stress which declines from the instep to the area above knee. They may be knee or thigh span and have see-through, exposed-toe, or a comparable base strategy to allow recurrent assessment of the circularly state.


The major dissimilarity among Medical Compression Stockings i.e. MCS & Anti-Embolism Stockings i.e. TED Hose is the contraction range and the therapeutic motive for which it is damaged. Anti- Embolism Stockings are normally eight to eighteen of torr, whereas medical or therapeutic compression stockings are a medically-measured fifteen to twenty millimeters of Hg or greater.


Before selling this device in US, suppliers should submit a 510(k) to FDA which is a premarket submission tto exhibit that the device to be promoted is at minimum as safe and vital for use. On Twenty Eight May, 1976, Federal Law i.e. Public Law 94-295 constrains this product to trade for application on the instruction of a medical doctor, except those which are conventional knitted continuous elastic stockings formed by obstructive approaches.

Carefusion, Medline, Vitality Medical are some of the suppliers of anti embolism stockings. Amazon and Ebay are the marketplaces where you can buy these stuffs online. US Patent Publication number WO 2014098928 A1 is patented under title Knitted compression garment and method of knitting.

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