A sterile instrument manufactured to be utilized for assessing and examining the surrounding vasculature. It may have threaded shaft which links to the intramed imaging device connector and all quality cameras, irrigation ways with luer fittings, and light post that can be linked to all quality light origin cables and other concerning attributes.

Angioscopy is a procedural diagnosis methodology for assessing the internal diaphragm of blood vessels. In this method, a adaptable fiberoptic catheter placed rightly into an artery. It can be of great use in assessing and evaluation of  arterial embolism. Angioscopy is also utilized as an adjunctive process throughout vascular bypass to envision valves inside venous channels.

Angioscopy related Coronary artery, which primarily was utilized to expose the identification of a blood clot in the coronary arteries of subjects with unsteady chest pain and myocardial obstruction of blood supply, is currently extensively utilized in catherization labs to assess stents.

Define Angioscope:  An adjustable endoscope that is utilized to apparently assess the inner configuration of a blood vessel. The angioscope permits physicians to be extraordinarily precise in diagnosing and correcting blood vessel clots.


Model: Now in today’s market of surgical industry there are Disposable Angioscope which feature a distinctive ten thousand pixel, blended optical fiber parcel that supplies a sharp picture and sturdy wear resistance. When connected with a valvulotome, it supplies straight vision of valves for quicker, ergonomic, and additionally influential valvulotomy throughout vein arterial bypass processes. The angioscope is perfectly configurable with majority endoscopic video devices.


  • Visible Imaging
  • Accurate control
  • Flexible to apply and configure


  • On site bypass processes for direct visualization of valves and secondary branches
  • Uncover thrombectomy processes to make sure clot discharge
  • AV Access processes to assess vein excellence
  • Examine vein status before transfer

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