Absorbent Gauze

A cotton in the schema of simple woven fabric, relevant to well known medicinal standards & regulatory bodies. It is usually available in fold or roll type. A soft, open-meshed cloth of muslin or related fabric utilized in dressings, bandages, and medical sponges. Absorbent gauze is a specialized cotton fabric of numerous thread meshes and grams, available in numerous sizes and in various types such as rolls or folds.

Absorbent Gauze should be Sterilized since it will be used for cleaning, drying and dressing wounds during a medical treatment. Gauze is perfect for delivering antiseptics to injuries, moisture removal from wounds before the exertion of a dressing or as a dressing as its own. This dressing is free from bacteria until wiped off.

Courtesy: Korey Huffman

Usage Guidelines: Following are its application guidelines:

  1. Clean hands for both pre-treatment and post treatment of injury.
  2. Softly clean the injury beneath running water and remove wetness with a unit of a gauze.
  3. Shear a fresh unit of gauze to the dimension and form required.
  4. Set gauze onto the injury, backing with tape for dressing or bandage.
  5. Apply a new dressing as needed.

It should only be utilized once. It should be Stored in a cool dry place.

Risks and Awareness: Following precautions must be taken:

  • Exert stress to bleeding injuries.
  • If bleeding continues, or there is any indication of infection, go for a medical advice.
  • Once the sealed pack of absorbent gauge is opened, the units are no longer sterile.

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