Retractors; an Insight


What are Retractors? As the name suggest these devices are designed to hold tissue or the edges of the incision during surgical procedures. The human body is composed of variety of tissues and organs that overlap each other at various angles. Hence the main objective of the retractors is to clear the surgical field, soRead More

Scissors as Surgical Instrument


The word Scissors isn’t a new word for us, it is perhaps the most common utensil used for cutting in household. So what does Surgical Instrument mean to a surgeon? The Surgical Scissors serves as the cutting instrument in operation theaters as well but the nature of the work is more challenging and artistic. TheRead More



What are forceps? Forceps are well-known as a surgical instrument which is used to pick up/hold delicate structures or structures and objects that cannot be held by hands. The word Forceps has been derived from the combination of Latin words (formus: hot, ferrum: iron, capere: to hold), which either means an instrument which is madeRead More