Blood Warmer

What is a Blood Warmer? It is defined as a movable solid-state instrument intended to deliver peripheral warmth to the arterial piping so as to keep the blood under warm conditions or liquid passing by throughout transfusion. The instrument comprises of power cord, sterilized intravenous additional set, mounting unit, and other additional accessories. Applications ofRead More

Automatic Breast Pump

Automatic Breast Pump cannot be referred as a surgical device because it has nothing to do with surgical process but it is a procedure for collecting milk for infants who lives on mother feed. A double electric automatic breast pump can be an alternate for moms wandering to yield milk rapidly. This can additionally assistRead More


A sterile instrument manufactured to be utilized for assessing and examining the surrounding vasculature. It may have threaded shaft which links to the intramed imaging device connector and all quality cameras, irrigation ways with luer fittings, and light post that can be linked to all quality light origin cables and other concerning attributes. Angioscopy isRead More

Airway Exchange Catheter

An instrument utilized for substitution of endotracheal tubes where the interior diameter is three to five millimeters or greater. This instrument is for application with particular adapter and specified size or luer lock joints. It may have side ports situated away from center for extra airflow and centimeter grading to ease accurate embedding of reducedRead More


A specialized medical instrument utilized in surgical procedures relevant to the excision of the adenoids. This instrument can have blades to cut out. The instrument comes with different adjoining features and with different sizes according to specific applications. Courtesy: Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphi This instrument is so designed that whenRead More

Adjustable Bed in Hospitals

An adjustable bed is a bed which possess an elastic spring of two or more units which may be separately elevated or move in downward direction to a situation where the patient is in a reasonable state for medical motive or in a surgical endeavor. Adjustable beds have been utilized in hospitals from too longRead More