This instrument is so designed that when the adenoid is removed it is cut off with this device. This removes the jeopardy of the sheared tissue staying in the larynx, being gobbled up or being forwarded into the opening in the nasal cavity. The adenotome is produced in various sizes and in a methodology that there is no risk of its being fractured during its application.

Adenotome Blades are very much important for cyclic adenoidectomy processes. Normally the blades are maneuvered for utilization with both the LaForce and Shambaugh Adenotomes. Different types of blade are also available with varying widths reliant on surgical inclination.

It is usually made up of austenitic stainless steel. Normally the recommendation for adentome is same as for other surgical instruments. It should be sterilized before usage. The device should be free of any contamination and infect-ants.


Some of the suppliers of this medical instrument is Carefusion, Symmetry Surgical, and Novo-surgical.  The instruments are delicate and thus should be in steady stable state before use.