3.31 Measurement

ISO 45001 defines “measurement” as “process to determine a value”. OH&S management system defined by ISO 45001, incorporates measurement as an important concept, since it is a numeric value for a parameter. Measurement is very important in quality management system and so it is needed in occupational health and safety management system as well. Measurement isRead More

3.30 Monitoring


ISO 45001 defines the term “monitoring” as “determining the status of a system, a process or an activity“. The standard further explains that if anyone needs to determine the status, there may be a need to check, supervise or critically observe, therefore monitoring is needed. Monitoring involves continual checking, and critically observing along with supervision.Read More

3.29 Outsource

What is better?

Standard ISO 45001 defines “outsource” as “making an arrangement where an external organization performs part of an organization’s function or process”. The standard further clarifies that an external organization doing the outsource work is outside the scope of the management system, although the outsourced function or process is within the scope. It is clearly evidentRead More

3.28 Occupational health and safety OH&S performance

ISO 45001 defines “occupational health and safety performance” as “the performance related to the effectiveness of the prevention of injury and ill health to workers and the provision of safe and healthy workplaces”. As already explained, performance is an important concept incorporation in the standard. The ninth chapter of the standard ISO 45001 talks onRead More

3.27 Performance – Measurable result

ISO 45001 defines “performance” as a “measurable result”. The standard further explains that Performance can relate either to quantitative or qualitative findings. Therefore the corresponding results can be determined and evaluated by both qualitative or quantitative methods. The standard further clarifies that performance can relate to the activities management, processes, services and products, systems orRead More

3.26 Procedure


Procedure is defined in ISO 45001 as “a specified way to carry out an activity or a process”. The standard further explains that procedures may be documented or not. The procedure is essential for organizations so to avoid variations in their processes and standardize the way of doing a work or an activity. When weRead More