Yankauer Suction Tip With Tube Instrument

The Yankauer suction tip is an oral suctioning instrument utilized in different procedures. It is usually a firm plastic suction tip or a stainless steel type with a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head and is designed to allow effective suction without damaging surrounding tissue. This instrument is utilized to suck oropharyngeal secretions soRead More

Ophthalmoscope – Medical Device For Eye Examination

Eye doctors use Ophthalmoscopes as eye examining instruments to detect any health issues in eyes and diagnosis purposes. Suppliers offer various types of Ophthalmoscopes with different lens capacities. Ophthalmoscope has a light source on it with additional lens features that magnify the image of the inner structures of a patient’s eye. What is Ophthalmoscope? An ophthalmoscopeRead More

Iris Scissor – Curved and Straight

Overview of Iris Scissor/ Description: Iris scissor is an instrument originally designed for ophthalmic procedures intended for treating the delicate and soft ophthalmic tissues. As originally this instrument is for ophthalmic surgeries and other procedures, but now the advancements have made this iris scissor a multi-purpose tool for the field of medicine. In the sameRead More

Bone Drill

What is Bone Drill? An instrument utilized in penetrating, restraining and curative orthopedic & dental measures. These bone drills may also be used for drilling screws into the bone throughout orthopedic operations.   Suppliers: GPC Medical, Medline Industries are some of the suppliers of bone drills in the global surgical instrumentation market.   FDA Rulings:Read More

Angiography Catheter

A disinfected, opaque to radiation, multi-objective instrument for numerous kinds of cardiac angiographic investigations. It may have an un-closed extremities with dual sideports on the distal end and is capable to acknowledge a forty-five thousandths (45/1000) inch steering wire. Catheter angiography utilizes a catheter, x-ray screening steer-er and an infusion of variant stuff to reviewRead More

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit is a sterilized, single-use instrument manufactured for utilization with a gas anesthesia machine. It includes pipes, one unidirectional Y, one bended L with gas representative collection, and three liters re-breathing container which looks like a bag. Breathing circuits are designed for the wide audience of patients who need anesthesia from new born,Read More