Potts Scissors

What are Potts Scissors? The name Potts has been given to these scissors because they were designed by Willis J. Potts an American Pediatric Surgeon. They are also known as Potts-Smith Scissors or Potts Demartel Scissors.  The blades of the scissors are usually angled at the joint (25, 45, 60 and 90 degrees) or they may be straight. Both the blades of the scissors are sharp and pointed.

What is their function? The scissors are widely used to cut vessels and hence are a very handy instrument in vascular surgery. It is also used to cut fine, delicate tissue when surgeon is working in close space.

These angled scissors give surgeon an option to select the angle suited best for the structure to be incised, ensuring a precise cut.


What material are they made up of? All the scissors are made up of stainless steel type 420, which belongs to class martensite. Martensitic stain less steel is an alloy of iron and chromium with higher content of carbon. The Potts scissors may have tungsten carbide furnished blade with golden ring handle or knife edge blade with black handle.


Surgical Procedure: As mentioned above, the scissors are used to extend the incision in veins and arteries; the procedure is called venotomy or arteriotomy respectively. This procedure is an integral part of many operations like embolectomy (removal of an embolus), thrombectomy (removal of thrombus), and a variety of bypass like femoropopliteal bypass, coronary artery bypass etc. In children they may be used to cut Ductus arteriosus in cases like PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus). Moreover they are also used to incise cystic duct during open cholangiography(imaging of bile duct), or bile duct during cholecystectomy(removal of gall bladder), and it may be used during reconstructive surgeries in head and neck like in repairing laryngotracheal patency, interarytenoid scar is dissected with the help of potts scissors.

 Age Group and Available Sizes: The scissors are used on all age group. It comes in variety of angles with or without serrated blade. The size ranges from 6 ½ inches to 9 inches. The most common size available is 7 ½ inches (191mm) with the angle of 45 degree. They may be ceramic coated which reduces the friction and ensure smooth action. To buy them online click the link.

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