Mayo Scissors

What are Mayo Scissors? The scissors has been named after the mayo clinic, as it was invented there. The scissors are heavy and are built to cut tough structures. The handles and blades are of same length. The blades of the scissors are usually blunt and rounded. Moreover they may be curved or straight.

What are their functions? The straight scissors are used for cutting sutures and ligatures or trimming the skin around the wound, hence it is also known as ‘suture scissors’. The curve blades are ideal to cut tough tissue like fascia, tendons and ligaments.

The round blunt tip ensures that the scissors do not penetrate or injure any other delicate tissue during dissecting the tough structures.

What are they made up of? The scissors are usually made up of class martensite, type 420 stainless steel according to ASTM standards. The blades may be furnished with tungsten carbide which is more corrosive resistant. The expensive ones may be made up of titanium.


Surgical Procedures: The mayo scissors are the part of almost all of the general surgical procedures as they are used to dissect transversus abdominis, internal oblique muscles, linea alba, external oblique muscles, and rectus sheath. Hence they are the integral part of the surgical tray for appendectomy, herniotomy, exploratory laparotomy, mastectomy etc. In gynecological procedures the curved type is very handy in cutting tough structures like uterus and the supporting ligaments, in procedure like hysterectomy. It is also used during C-section for cutting fascia and abdominal muscles. It is also used by the orthopedic surgeon during various surgical procedures to cut supporting ligament and muscles. Moreover the scissors are the part of thyroidectomy, laryngectomy tray as well to cut away the ligamentous support during the surgical procedure. It is also used by the neurosurgeon during laminectomy to remove ligamentum flavum.

Age Group and Available Sizes: 5 ½ inches, 6 ¾ inches or 9 inches long scissors may be purchased online. For further details click the respective link. These scissors are used to cut tough structures in both adults and pediatric age group. The length of the scissors available are 5 ½ inches (140 mm), 6 ¾ inches (171mm), and 9 inches (229mm). The tip may be beveled or rounded.


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