Deaver’s Retractor

What is Deaver’s Retractor? The Deaver’s Retractor is a hand-held retractor. It is named after the American surgeon John B. Deaver. It is made up of stainless steel having a curved retracting blade and flat handle. The width of the handle is equal to the width of the retracting blade. The handle is slightly curved so as the hand gripping the retractor does not slip. It is a held-hand retractor hence assistants have pretty bad time holding it on if the surgery is prolonged since holding it for a longer period of time is uncomfortable.

What is its function? All the retractors are built with the basic concept of holding the tissue or the viscera to keep the operator’s field of surgery clear. Deaver is a deep tissue retractor hence it is used to retract viscera like liver, stomach, duodenum etc.


Standard Handle


Ring Grip Handle

Surgical Procedure: The retractor is used to retract liver in surgical procedures like cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder), vagotomy (the vagus nerve resection) and in cases of repair of duodenal ulcer perforation. In addition to the retraction of the live the retractor is handy in retracting stomach and duodenum during cholecystectomy.

Age Group and Available Sizes: The standard handle, the ring- grip handle and the Baby Deaver’s Retractor are all available on online stores. The retractor is used on all age groups. The retractor comes in various sizes and with variety of handles. The deaver retractor with standard handle(flat ones) has the length of 12 inches305mm) with the width range from 1 inch(25mm) to 3 inches(76mm). The retractor having ring-grip handle is also available. The lengths range from 12 inches (305mm) to 16 inches (405mm) with width ranges from 1 inch (25mm) to 4 inches (102mm). Baby Deaver’s Retractor is 8 inches long with different widths.


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