Cervical Pillow

What is Cervical Pillow? It is defined as a health care product manufactured to stabilize the patient’s neck to prevent it moving unnecessarily & to maintain specific positioning ... Continue Reading →

Bite Blocks – Definition, Uses, Patent & FDA Requirement

What is Bite Block? There are two types of bite blocks. One bite block is defined in dentistry for copying of the jaw structure. The other one is used for protection as post-surgical ... Continue Reading →

Ankle Splint – Treatment for Sprains & Other Issues

An orthopedic fabric considered to offer inflexible backing of an ankle. It may have an exposed toe or exposed heel, and is dimension-ally designed much upward on the ankle bone. Ankle ... Continue Reading →

Abdominal Binder

A garment item used for low back strains, abdominal hernias, hysterectomies or other post-operative abdominal and torso support. An abdominal binder is a vital body fabric used in the ... Continue Reading →