Mayo Scissors

What are Mayo Scissors? The scissors has been named after the mayo clinic, as it was invented there. The scissors are heavy and are built to cut tough structures. The handles and blades ... Continue Reading →

Bakes’ Common Duct Dilator

What is Bakes’ Dilator? Bakes’ Dilator is composed of a thin shaft with a round handle and an ovoid tip. The special feature of the dilator is its malleability. Due to its designed ... Continue Reading →

Deaver’s Retractor

What is Deaver’s Retractor? The Deaver’s Retractor is a hand-held retractor. It is named after the American surgeon John B. Deaver. It is made up of stainless steel having a curved ... Continue Reading →

Payr’s Pylorus Clamp

What is Payr’s Pylorus Clamp? The clamp is named after Erwin Payr who was Austrian-German surgeon. This is a lever-action clamp which is also known as Payr’s Intestinal Crushing ... Continue Reading →

Doyen’s Intestinal Clamp

What is Doyen’s Intestinal Clamp? The clamp is usually labeled as Intestinal Occlusion Clamp. The clamp is made up of straight or curved jaws. The jaws contain fine serrations which ... Continue Reading →

Desjardins Gall Stone Forceps

What is Desjardins Gall Stone Forceps? It is also known as Rochester gall stone forceps. The forceps is designed the same way as artery forceps. It’s body comes in varying degrees ... Continue Reading →