Audiometer – Equipment, Test, Working & Calibration

An audiometer is a device utilized for assessing hearing sense effectiveness. They normally comprise of a connected physical system fixed to a group of headphones and a observational ... Continue Reading →

Lister’s Sinus Forceps

What is Lister’s Sinus Forceps? The instrument has been named after a British Surgeon Joseph Lister (1827-1912). This forceps has long straight blades with ring handles but without ... Continue Reading →

Hurd Dissector And Pillar Retractor

What is Hurd Dissector and Pillar Retractor? It is also identified as a mere Herd Elevator or Pillar Retractor with Dissector. The retractor has been designed by merging the concept ... Continue Reading →

Sarot Bronchus Clamp

What is Sarot Bronchus Clamp? This clamp is uniquely design with one jaw having teeth while the other jaw having pins. The teeth are arranged longitudinally. This unique design gives ... Continue Reading →