Cardiac Biopsy Forceps

What is Cardiac Biopsy Forceps? It is defined as a surgical device that is manufactured to be utilized throughout surgical processes for taking off tiny tissues from the heart. Applications: ... Continue Reading →

Aortic Punch

Aortic Punch is a device for notching, making holes in row or extracting out a part of tissue by the aorta. For numerous medical practitioners, the aortic punch is the ideal ... Continue Reading →

Debakey Non-traumatic Forceps

What is Debakey Forceps? Michael E. Debakey was an American Cardiologist who designed this forceps having non traumatic jaws for vascular tissue handling. The forceps has long blunt ... Continue Reading →

Potts Scissors

What are Potts Scissors? The name Potts has been given to these scissors because they were designed by Willis J. Potts an American Pediatric Surgeon. They are also known as Potts-Smith ... Continue Reading →

Grant Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Clamp

What is Grant Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Clamp? This clamp is designed with slightly curved jaws having debakey teeth (non-traumatic serrations) and slanting shanks (Shank is the structure ... Continue Reading →

Zanger Abdominal Aorta Clamp

What is Zanger Abdominal Aorta Clamp? It is designed the same way as debakey abdominal aorta clamp i.e. spoon shaped tip with flat jaws having serrations but with the addition of curved ... Continue Reading →