About Us

Surgical Units creates awareness, promotes and markets a comprehensive product portfolio of various surgical instruments to the consumers, surgeons, medical students, & others within the supply chain. Our trademark has grown with acknowledgment in the global arcade as a high quality premier information provider & awareness creating brand, and, in contemporary years, has prepared its space into the global markets where it endures to be accepted for its extraordinary information both in terms of high quality product suppliers & providing the info regarding the best surgical units.

Our Mission: Institute a worldwide existence as a leading awareness creator and promoter of high quality & regulated handheld surgical tools in the all medical surgical arenas. Our objective will be attained through the proposing of outstanding surgical merchandises and information; and by our assurance to surpass visitor’s anticipations.

What makes us different? Since Surgical Units is not a manufacturer neither an advocate for any specific supplier, it aims to rate the suppliers & manufacturers & to create awareness regarding the product quality & regulations among the consumers. Our brand aims to bring to book the manufacturing defects & the possibility of malfunctioning, therefore we make aware the purchaser about the possible defects & how to preempt that defect.

Industry Participation: As a foremost worldwide info provider regarding surgical instruments, Surgical Units has cells working throughout. Surgical Units preserves its governance in innovation by functioning narrowly with its suppliers and surgical consultants to monitor new products.

Surgical Units is the only brand i.e. in the lead of surgical education by proposing and contributing in discussions and other scholastic measures on appropriate tool choice, procedure and caution. Surgical Units endures to launch itself as a principal surgical instrument info company by joining and backing foremost sessions.

Regulatory Bodies for Surgical Goods: Below are the regulatory bodies for surgical instruments, purchasers should seek supplier registrant information from the appropriate regulatory body when going to make a purchase:

  • CE means European Conformity
  • ISO means International Organization for Standardization
  • DIN means German Institute for Standardization
  • BMG means German Federal Ministry of Health
  • DIMDI means German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information
  • FDA means U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Ministero della Salute means Italian Health Ministry
  • MFDS means Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • SFDA means Saudi Arabia Food and Drug Authority